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About Dr. Morepen NOW

The Heart Health Experts with a 360° approach towards the prevention and management of heart and lifestyle diseases.

Dr.morepen gluco metre, Dr. Morepen BP Monitor

We are a Heart Health Centre with a 360 degree approach towards the treatment of heart patients and people with related diseases. We prioritize your heart health by integrating all the major specialties of preventive & clinical cardiology, lifestyle & nutrition, physio& fitness and yoga & stress management.

At Dr. Morepen NOW, we educate and guide you towards a heart fit and healthy life. Our mission is to help you take small steps today that will transform your health forever. Making a big difference to your heart health, we help avoid emergencies later in life. We strive to imbibe a healthy lifestyle in you by helping you prevent cardiovascular diseases through non-invasive means, educating you on Nutrition, helping you manage your pain and stress through Physio and improving your mind & body balance through Yoga. So now the finest non-invasive alternative to Heart Surgery and Angioplasty is Dr. Morepen NOW's revolutionary ECP Treatment for heart patients and wellness in Delhi, India.

CEO's Vision

Dr. Morepen NOW CEO Vision, Varun Suri
Mr. Varun Suri

With an aim to reduce Heart Disease, sudden attacks and surgeries, Dr Morepen Ltd has launched, Dr Morepen NOW – Your Heart Fitness Experts. With our unique 360 degree approach towards the prevention and management of heart and lifestyle diseases, our vision is to provide small sustainable steps that will help transform the lives of the people forever. Being India’s 1st Heart Wellness Centre, we focus on preventive cardiology with experts in supporting specialties like nutrition & lifestyle, fitness & physiotherapy and yoga & stress management. Our pursuit of revolutionizing the healthcare industry has its foundation in rock solid integrity, medical excellence, compassionate care and a mutual trust between our doctors and people of all ages.

At NOW, you get the convenience of a clinic with the expertise of a hospital, with our US FDA approved technology and a comprehensive approach towards heart care. We endeavor to strategically fill the void between those who are unaware about lifestyle diseases, and those who still remain undiagnosed or do not get treated timely. Known for our service excellence and clinical expertise, our mission is to have a Heart Fit India, so imbibe heart fitness for life with Dr Morepen NOW. Get Heart Fit, Get Life Fit.

About  Morepen

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Morepen Labs Ltd is one of the most renowned pharmaceutical group, both in manufacturing and marketing. With a 30 year legacy and strong brand presence in international & domestic markets, Morepen Labs has a 2000 people team, all sharing a common belief of "Joy of Growing Together". Morepen is known for it's exports from US FDA approved facility, R&D in APIs (active pharmaceutical ingredients), consumer connect and service driven approach. It exports to more than 40 countries and has world class plants in the foot hills of himalayas where some of the APIs of the company like Loratadine, Fexofenadine, Atorvastatin, Montelukast, Rosuvastatin, Sitagliptin, Olmesartan are made.

With brand presence in therapeutic segments such as Anti-infectives, Gastro-intestinal, Nutrition, Cardio, Diabetic, Pediatric and Gynecology with brands like Saltum, DOM DT, Rythmix MOM, Rythmix Kid, Metmore, Biorythm, Qnergy, Telmore and a field force of over 400 people, makes Morepen a name to reckon with, in prescription driven ethical marketing.

Dr.morepen gluco metre, Dr. Morepen BP Monitor

Dr. Morepen is a pioneer in FMHG (fast moving health goods) category with brands like Burnol, Lemolate, Fibre X, Gluco One, BP One to its credit and a vision of giving "Health In Your Hands". Dr. Morepen's grooming division "GUBB USA" brings health and hygiene through products in skin, face, foot, bath, travel and hair care categories. Dr. Morepen NOW (Nation On Wellness) is not only a revolutionary step in healthcare services but a bold step to fight CVD, the BIGGEST KILLER in the WORLD and INDIA. It's a big vision of a "HEART FIT INDIA" that NOW carries and is worth every effort that team NOW has and will continue to make across India and the world. Let's all be HEART FIT and make a difference by saving the world from an issue bigger than terrorism and cancer.

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