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ECP Treatment
ECP Treatment

ECP Treatment

Know More About ECP Devices.

What is "ECP" Treatment ("EECP" Treatment)?

"ECP" Treatment or "EECP" Treatment is an US FDA approved non-invasive heart treatment which increases the blood flow to the heart and opens new blood vessels, called collaterals. Acting as an alternate to bypass surgery and angioplasty, our ECP treatment (EECP treatment) is supervised by the Cardiologist, controlled by Singapore certified ECP Technicians and is monitored using an ECG machine. It is beneficial for patients with heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney disease, high cholesterol, obesity, ischemic stroke and many other medical conditions.

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Benefits of ECP Treatment (EECP Treatment)

  1. Creates new blood vessels: Alternate pathways or (collaterals), which open new channels for blood flow around the blocked arteries in the heart, are formed by ECP treatment. Thus, it creates natural bypasses in the heart.
  2. Leads to a stronger Heart: It increases blood flow to the heart, which enriches the blood with oxygen, strengthens the heart muscles and reduces the stiffness of arteries.
  3. Reduces angina: It reduces or eliminates chest pain (angina) and improves cardio-vascular fitness.
  4. Improves quality of life: It improves stamina, alertness and energy levels, and reduces the heart work load.
  5. Enhances blood circulation: It improves blood circulation in the heart and to the body, including organs like lungs, kidneys, brain, liver, etc.
  6. Improves organ function: It increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients, increases the heart output and the functioning of all the body organs.

Ideal Candidates for ECP Treatment (EECP Treatment)

  • Those who have heart blockage or heart disease
  • Patients who have chest pain or angina (despite having undergone surgery) and want a possible reduction in their medications.
  • Patients who have been advised or have undergone bypass surgery or angioplasty (stent)
  • Patients who want an alternative or are not suitable for bypass surgery and angioplasty.
  • People who have had a heart attack or have experienced symptoms of a heart attack
  • Those suffering from lifestyle diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol or obesity.
  • People who are not having a healthy diet and wish to avoid having heart problems in the future
  • Those who want to be heart fit for life and want to avoid complications / emergencies in the future.

Mechanism of ECP Treatment (EECP Treatment)

ECP treatment or EECP heart treatment is a non-surgical and pain-free procedure.
As the patient lies down, 3 electrodes are applied to the chest and are connected to an ECG machine.
Pressure cuffs are wrapped around the calves, thighs and buttocks.


Inflation of cuffs in a sequential manner

natural bypass

Enhances blood flow to the heart

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Rapid deflation of

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Enhances overall blood circulation

Features of ECP Treatment (EECP - Treatment)

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ECP Treatment or EECP Treatment FAQs

What is ECP Treatment or EECP Treatment (External counterpulsation)?

ECP Treatment or EECP Therapy uses Renew ECP, which is a US FDA approved non-invasive treatment for patients with heart disease (single or multi-vessel), recurrent symptoms even after surgical treatment, congestive heart failure and for those prone to other heart ailments. In addition, it is intended for use in healthy patients to provide improvement in vasodilation, increased VO2 and increased blood flow. The Renew NCP-5 device is the only one in the world, approved by the US FDA for healthy patients.

How does ECP Treatment or EECP Treatment work?

ECP Treatment or EECP Treatment gently but firmly compresses the blood vessels in the lower limbs to increase blood flow to your heart. Each wave of pressure is electronically timed to the heartbeat, so that the increased blood flow is delivered to your heart at the precise moment when it is relaxing. When the heart pumps again, pressure is released instantaneously. This lowers the resistance in blood vessels of legs so that the blood may be pumped more easily from your heart. ECP may encourage blood vessels to open small channels which become extra branches. These channels or collaterals may eventually become "Natural Bypass" vessels to provide blood flow to the heart muscle, contributing to the relief of angina symptoms.

What are the Benefits of ECP Treatment or EECP Treatment?

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The treatment is a simple, safe, non-invasive and risk free treatment. It is considered to be an effective treatment for the following reasons: -

  • Very cost effective as it does not involve surgery and hospital stay
  • Enables the patient to return to work and participate in their active lifestyle
  • Makes the patient more energetic
  • Enables the patient to walk greater distances without experiencing any chest pain

Who are the candidates for ECP Treatment or EECP Treatment?

Any patient suffering from coronary artery disease is a potential candidate for ECP. In addition, ECP is especially beneficial for- : -

  • Patients who have had persistent chest pain-angina, despite having undergone angioplasty or bypass surgery.
  • Patients who just don't want to go under the knife (surgery).
  • Patients who are heavily dependent on medications or have to cut down their activities in order to relieve angina.
  • Patients who are contraindicated for bypass or angioplasty due to kidney failure, liver failure, severe COPD cases, diffuse diabetes disease, very old age, patients of syndrome X, ischemic and dilated cardiomyopathy
  • Healthy individuals to improve arterial heath and stamina.

How is the ECP Treatment or EECP Heart Treatment carried out?

Patients lie down on a padded table in a treatment room. Three electrodes are applied to the chest and connected to an ECG machine at all times. The ECG displays the heart's rhythm during treatment. A set of cuffs are wrapped around the caves, thighs and buttocks. Patients experience a sensation of a strong "hug" moving upward from calves to thighs to buttocks during inflation followed by rapid release of pressure on deflation. Inflation and deflation are electronically synchronized with the heart beat using ECG monitors.

What is the treatment plan of ECP Treatment or EECP Therapy?

Total program is of 35 hours for cardiac patients. Treatment is administered 1 hour a day, 6 days a week, for 6 weeks. Some patients have two treatments in one day, in order to complete the program more quickly. The program is extended beyond 35 sessions, depending on medical condition and goals. For healthy patients, the cardiologist decides on the therapy durations based on the condition and risk factors.

Is it safe? Are there any side effects of ECP Therapy?

ECP Treatment or EECP Treatment (RENEW ECP) has a high standard of safety. The treatment is US FDA approved and used by doctors in India and across the world to treat extremely ill cardiac patients who could not be treated with any medication or procedure. The only side effects of ECP are an increased feeling of wellbeing improved quality of life and reduced medication, if you consider those as side effects.

Do the benefits of ECP Treatment or EECP Treatment last?

Yes, the benefits last. It has been seen that after ECP therapy treatment, there has been reduced cases of angina and increased blood flow.

Can ECP Treatment or EECP Treatment dislodge plaque & cause a stroke or heart attack?

No. Our body obeys the law of physics. Fluid follows the path of least resistance. During the program, when blood is flowing to the heart, it will open new blood vessels, which is popularly known as 'Natural Bypass". These new pathways are reinforced and become lasting routes for blood to reach the heart.

How does ECP Treatment or EECP Treatment compare to angioplasty or bypass surgery?

The five-year outcomes for ECP patients are virtually the same as for angioplasty and bypass surgery.

Are there any patients who are not recommended ECP Treatment or EECP Treatment?

Yes, but very few patients. Those who absolutely should not be treated with ECP are pregnant women, individuals with severe aortic valve leakage and patients who have active blood clot in their legs, other condition specific contraindications also persists like ≥ 180 mmHg systolic or ≥ 110 mmHg diastolic. deep vein thrombosis (DVT) etc, which the Cardiologist checks and evaluates.

Is repeat treatment needed?

If you follow a healthy lifestyle and stay physically active after basic treatment then repeat treatment is needed only after 3-5 years or even later or never. If you are not active then you can go for a maintenance program yearly. If in any case symptoms return, then the program can be repeated again only after the cardiologist's consultation. We suggest you to have a healthy lifestyle and be physically active, this way you will be in charge of your health and we would be proud of that.

Who else can benefit from ECP Treatment or EECP Treatment ?

Other than heart disease, patients with erectile dysfunction, peripheral vascular disease, stroke, tinnitus, restless leg syndrome, diabetes, memory disorders, kidney disease and chronic fatigue syndrome may also benefit from ECP Treatment or EECP Treatment.

There are also applications in sports injury recovery and rehab as it may increase the performance of athletes and shorten recovery time after exercise.

ECP Treatment At Dr. Morepen NOW

ECP Treatment or EECP Treatment Reviews

  • The whole staff has done an excellent job during my 35 ECP treatment sessions. The place is maintained very neatly. Everything is perfect for a cardiac patient rehabilitation centre. I wish all the success to each and every member of this centre. My sincere thanks and good wishes to all of you.

    (Results may vary from person to person)

    Mr. Wadhwa

    (ECP Treatment for Heart Patients)
  • Full of energy and a new me! My mornings were dull before, but after the Augment NOW (ECP), its different – the whole day, the same energy levels remain. It seems perfect. Everyone here is so helpful in understanding things. It’s a 10/10. Keep doing the good work.

    (Results may vary from person to person)

    Ms. Rattey

    (ECP Treatment for Heart Wellness)
  • I benefited from the ECP treatment, as it cured my heart disease and also controlled my BP & diabetes. Now I’m very energetic, the BP medicines from the past 10 years have finally stopped and my weight is under control. So take this safe treatment and stay heart fit.

    (Results may vary from person to person)

    Mr. Rathore

    (ECP Treatment for Heart Wellness)
  • I was very apprehensive of undergoing another surgery, so I undertook the ECP Treatment and the benefits were amazing. My angina pain was cured, TMT became negative and the cardiac rehab made me feel energized and active all the time ECP gave me multiple Natural Bypasses for life

    (Results may vary from person to person)

    Mr. Mathur

    (ECP Treatment for Heart Patients)

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