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Sports Recovery Treatment
Sports Injuries, how to increase stamina and endurance, Treatment to increase stamina and endurance.

ECP Treatment For Sports Recovery

What is Sports Recovery?

Sports Recovery means that athletes and those involved in rigorous physical exercise need adequate time to recuperate from the intensive training. An athlete's ability to recover from the training and workouts is just as important as the workout itself.

It is during these periods of rest that the athletes' bodies adapt to the stress that comes due to the intense workout sessions and competitions. When an athlete sprints his fastest or lifts heavy weights, his heart still pumps hard and he breathes heavily for a while, even after he stops. The term "metabolic recovery" describes what takes place after you exercise as your body returns to its normal stable resting state. Your metabolic rate or oxygen consumption can be elevated for hours even, after you stop exercising.

ECP Treatment or EECP Treatment for Sports Recovery

With the ECP Treatment, sports recovery is enhanced and the athletes can resume their training much sooner. There is enhanced blood flow to the heart muscles and also in the other major arteries.

Studies show that, those who undergo ECP Treatment experience enhanced blood flow to the liver by 25% and to the kidney by 21%. This improves the functional capacity of the organs and is a good sports physical therapy. Other benefits include reduction of the workload on the heart, increased cardiac output, formation of blood vessels and improved stamina. ECP treatment can therefore be considered an effective sports therapy and can also be used as a sports injuries treatment.

ECP Treatment or EECP Treatment Reviews

  • The whole staff has done an excellent job during my 35 ECP treatment sessions. The place is maintained very neatly. Everything is perfect for a cardiac patient rehabilitation centre. I wish all the success to each and every member of this centre. My sincere thanks and good wishes to all of you.

    (Results may vary from person to person)

    Mr. Wadhwa

    (ECP Treatment for Heart Patients)
  • Full of energy and a new me! My mornings were dull before, but after the Augment NOW (ECP), its different – the whole day, the same energy levels remain. It seems perfect. Everyone here is so helpful in understanding things. It’s a 10/10. Keep doing the good work.

    (Results may vary from person to person)

    Ms. Rattey

    (ECP Treatment for Heart Wellness)
  • I benefited from the ECP treatment, as it cured my heart disease and also controlled my BP & diabetes. Now I’m very energetic, the BP medicines from the past 10 years have finally stopped and my weight is under control. So take this safe treatment and stay heart fit.

    (Results may vary from person to person)

    Mr. Rathore

    (ECP Treatment for Heart Wellness)
  • I was very apprehensive of undergoing another surgery, so I undertook the ECP Treatment and the benefits were amazing. My angina pain was cured, TMT became negative and the cardiac rehab made me feel energized and active all the time ECP gave me multiple Natural Bypasses for life

    (Results may vary from person to person)

    Mr. Mathur

    (ECP Treatment for Heart Patients)

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