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Best Onlline Diet Program, Best online plan to lose weight

Online Diet Plan

Online weight loss program

"Online Diet Plan" takes out the biggest restriction with everyone - Non - availability of time and the time spent in Travelling. Majority of the urban population opts out of the idea of losing weight because of their busy schedules. They dread the idea of visiting a dietician every week.

At Dr Morepen NOW, we bring to you a completely customised online weight loss Package at your fingertips. This is especially important for people in the corporate sectors who have hectic office schedule, post pregnancy females who can’t leave their infants or those with long distance issues and commuting problems etc. Now it’s possible to lose weight at your convenience and at the serenity of your home.

Best Online Dietiician, Best Online Nutritionist

Wondering how the "Online Weight Loss Program" will be executed? You will have to fill in the details on our website and you will receive a call from our nutritionist, who will analyse your current lifestyle based on a set of questions. Together you both will set a realistic target for your weight loss short term and long term.

Best Online Dietiician, Best Online Nutritionist

After a comprehensive study of your dietary pattern, the nutritionist will generate a diet plan that will be mailed to you within 2 working days. You will have to follow the recommended diet and give updates on your weight and measurements at the end of every week. Based on your results, the diet will be updated every week. This will save your time and energy and will enable you to lose weight at the convenience of your house. Constant motivation and tracking of your progress will be an added advantage even though it will be face to face.

Online diet plan to eat right

The online program is not merely for people who are willing to lose weight but also for people who are suffering from specific medical conditions. If you haven’t found relief anywhere, then this the right place for you. You can share your reports with us and then based on those reports and your current lifestyle, we will chalk out a personalised diet plan for you. Not only your struggle with the disease ends here but you will see improvements in your immunity, energy levels and weight.

With the above Online Weight Loss Plans you would receive -

  1. Diet book to Fundamental Package buyers
  2. 100 Weight Loss Recipe Book would be E-mailed to Essential and Advanced Package customers.
  3. Daily access to all the experts of Advanced package customers.

Online Weight Loss Plan

KGs to Gain

Duration (Month/s)

Dietician / Nutritionist Consults

Physiotherapist- Consults and Exercises

Yoga Session - Stretching and Breathing Exercises



3 Days


99 /-


2 Kgs

15 Days


499 /-


3-4 Kgs

1 Month




999 /-

Patient testimonials

  • I came here for diet consultation with my mother, my mother had diabetes, recently started on medications (Metfermin) having HbA1C of 7.5 % and postprandial blood sugar of 190 mg/dl with medications. After following the diet plan advised for one and a half month, her HbA1C with medication came to 6.5% & hence she was advised to be off medication & now following the same diet she is having an HbA1C of 5.5 % without medications. My sincere gratitude to the team, indeed it was very helpful experience following the Diet program at Dr. Morepen NOW, Hauz Khas, South Delhi.

    (Results may vary from person to person)

    Dr. Saha

  • I wish to communicate to the organization that I have visited five times in your institute for wellness programe. I have had very good experience with all the concerned doctors. They try their best to communicate the better way to lead a healthy life. I would like to mention that all the weight programs are very good for health, weight gain and obesity issues.

    (Results may vary from person to person)

    Dr. Srivastava

  • The Nutrition plan is very scientifically planned, it includes the diet plans, exercise and yoga. The yoga and exercises gave me energy and activeness. The nutritionist, physiotherapist and yoga classes by instructor are very cooperative. The nutritionist is very soft spoken and very good. The entire staff is great and I am glad that I took this weight treatment here. They also provided a follow up plan for maintenance. In short, a very good weight management program!

    (Results may vary from person to person)

    Ms. Khullar

  • I found that everything I was told to do was very easy to include in my daily routine. And after following the instructions given here in weight treatment, I could see amazing results in a very positive way. Everyone here at Dr. Morepen NOW, worked hard and were very dedicated in helping me achieve my targeted goals. I was very impressed with the Dietician specially, for making my program very easy and fun.

    (Results may vary from person to person)

    Ms. Dhairya

  • I had an amazing and very balancing experience at NOW. I lost 4.5 Kg’s in almost 1.5 months. I learned very new things at this center. Very balanced and healthy + tasty diets given by the nutritionist. Yoga instructor is superb, who is taking care of each and every patient on personal basis and taking care of weight plan as well. I would say that NOW is all in one combo. You get weight management + yoga + physiotherapy + doctor and you get yummy breakfast as well after every session. They have new technologies which keeps the patient boosted known as ECP Treatment and a very healthy and positive environment to live life at the best.

    (Results may vary from person to person)

    Ms. Bhalla

  • A lot of suggestions were made by the Dietician at Dr. Morepen NOW which helped me lose weight, improve my lifestyle and dietary habits. It was my Privilege to contact them for Weight Loss Treatment, I will stay in contact for any dietary requirements always.

    (Results may vary from person to person)

    Mr. Jai Prakash

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