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Cardiology Experts in Delhi Cardiology Experts in Delhi
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We are a Family Heart Care Centre with a 360° approach towards the prevention and management of Heart and Lifestyle Diseases.

In today's fast paced society, the quest for success both at home and the workplace takes its toll in the form of high stress levels, less physical exercise and an unhealthy eating habits. A bad lifestyle can lead to diabetes, hypertension, obesity, heart disease and other lifestyle diseases. Young Indians start smoking and drinking in their teens, kids enjoy junk food more than home cooked food and we are all guilty of consuming tons of processed food, high in salt and fat, on a weekly basis.  

And in the process, the most important organ of our body: THE HEART - SUFFERS DAILY.

At Dr. Morepen NOW, we educate and guide you towards a heart healthy life. Our mission is to help you take small steps today, which will transform your heart health forever. We strive to imbibe heart ļ¬tness and a healthy lifestyle in you, by helping you alternative Cardiovascular diseases through non-invasive means, educating you on Nutrition, helping you manage your pain and stress through Physiotherapy and improving your mind & body balance through Yoga.

Cardiology Experts in India
  • Cardiology  
  • Complete heart health evaluation
  • Expert guidance for prevention of heart disease
  • Non-surgical ECP treatment
  • Prevention & management of heart & lifestyle diseases
nutrition expert in delhi
  • Nutrition  
  • Current diet and lifestyle assessment
  • Personalized meal plan according to the medical condition
  • Weight management programs
  • Heart healthy recipes
Physiotherapist in delhi
  • Fitness & Physio  
  • Speedy recovery for cardiac patients
  • Stress and pain management
  • Personalized physical activity regime
  • Expert guidance for a heart fit life
Yoga in Delhi
  • Yoga
  • Improvement in stamina, flexibility and immunity
  • Meditation and disease prevention
  • Body relaxation and stress management
  • Heart healthy yoga for life
Healthy Heart Hour Program
  • 1 Hour Heart Power Program
  • Complete heart health assessment
  • Overall body composition analysis
  • DNA test
  • Lab investigations (50+ tests)
  • 1 on 1 consultation with 4 Experts
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Heart Fit is Body Fit and Life Fit