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Our Happy Patients Speak
ECP Treatment Reviews
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Patient Reviews

Our Happy Patients Speak

  • The whole staff has done an excellent job during my 35 ECP treatment sessions. The place is maintained very neatly. Everything is perfect for a cardiac patient rehabilitation centre. I wish all the success to each and every member of this centre. My sincere thanks and good wishes to all of you.

    Mr. Wadhwa

    (ECP Treatment for Heart Patients)
  • Full of energy and a new me! My mornings were dull before, but after the Augment NOW (ECP), its different – the whole day, the same energy levels remain. It seems perfect. Everyone here is so helpful in understanding things. It’s a 10/10. Keep doing the good work.

    Ms. Rattey

    (ECP Treatment for Heart Wellness)
  • The weight loss program is very scientifically planned, including the diet plans, exercise and yoga. The yoga and exercises gave me energy and activeness. The nutritionist, physiotherapist and yoga instructor are very cooperative. The nutritionist, Sonia is very soft spoken and very good. The entire staff is great and I am glad that I took this plan here. They also provided a follow up plan for maintenance. In short, a very good weight management program!

    Ms Khullar

    (Heart Healthy Weight Management Program)
  • I have had a very good experience with all the concerned doctors. They do their best to communicate the best way to lead a healthy life. I would like to mention that all the programs for health management are very good for heart issues.

    Ms Srivastava

    (Heart Healthy Weight Management Program)
  • I found that everything I was told to do was very easy to include in my daily routine. And after following the instructions given here, I could see amazing results in a very positive way. Everyone here at NOW, worked hard and were very dedicated in helping me achieve my targeted goals. I was very impressed with Dr Sonia specially, for making my weight loss program very easy and fun.

    Ms Dhairya

    (Heart Healthy Weight Management Program)
  • I benefited from the ECP treatment, as it cured my heart disease and also controlled my BP & diabetes. Now I’m very energetic, the BP medicines from the past 10 years have finally stopped and my weight is under control. So take this safe treatment and stay heart fit.

    Mr. Rathore

    (ECP Treatment for Heart Wellness)
  • I was very apprehensive of undergoing another surgery, so I undertook the ECP Treatment and the benefits were amazing. My angina pain was cured, TMT became negative and the cardiac rehab made me feel energized and active all the time ECP gave me multiple Natural Bypasses for life

    Mr. Mathur

    (ECP Treatment for Heart Patients)
  • I took 10 sessions of physiotherapy under the guidance of the Chief Physiotherapist for treatment of meniscal tear in the right knee. I was very happy with the sessions and the exercises that she advised me. Infact, I was very surprised to see the change and the relief in my pain, after the sessions. The atmosphere of the Centre is great and the chef makes great salads. I want to thank the Chief Physiotherapist for her efforts and right advice.

    Dr Kaushal

    (Heart Healthy Physio Program)
  • At NOW, the checkup system is very good, modern, easy, painless and satisfactory.

    Ms Sood

  • Excellent facility and doctors. Got a warm feeling from the start till end, which is normally not expected of clinics and hospitals. Keep it up.

    Mr Batra

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