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Augment Your Heart With A Natural Bypass

If you are suffering from cardiovascular disease, we can help you manage it with our non-evasive US FDA approved technology called the ECP Treatment. Used as an alternate to Angioplasty and Bypass surgery, it is supervised by our Cardiologists. It increases the blood flow to the heart and opens new blood vessels, which strengthens the heart muscles. Within 35, 1 hour sessions you could have a healthier heart without any surgery and hospitalization.

For A Heart Healthy Life

If you are have high BP, high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, any other lifestyle disease or if you just want to be heart fit for life, then our program is the right choice for you. We will help you prevent, manage and treat your symptoms the heart healthy way. With 20, 1 hour sessions experience improved stamina, more energy and increased organ function with the Wellness NOW ECP Program.

Power your Heart in 1 Hour

For complete Heart Health Analysis and Prevention of Heart & Lifestyle Diseases

The first of its kind, this program analyzes heart fitness, blood circulatory health, DNA, Blood & Urine and overall body composition (95+ parameters). 1 Hour Heart Power Program and 360° analysis of your heart's health with consultations from 4 different experts, all in just 1 hour.

This Complete Body And Heart Checkup Includes:

Heart Health Assessment – US FDA approved no prick and no pain technology for assessing 30+ vital parameters of the current heart health condition. Most importantly it also assesses the arterial stiffness and evaluates the condition of the other organs.

Body Composition Analysis – Analyzes the complete body fat composition. It includes body fat %, skeletal muscle %, subcutaneous fat %, visceral fat composition, basal metabolic rate (BMR), body mass index (BMI) and actual age vs body age.

DNA Test – Analyzes the DNA to check the risk of developing heart disease and diabetes. It evaluates the body's response to different diets and assesses the protein and carbohydrate metabolism. It also analyzes the body's suitability to various activity regimes and measures the cardiovascular fitness level.

Lab Tests – Checks for important cardiac markers in the blood. It includes 50+ tests like complete blood count (CBC), lipid profile, liver function test (LFT), kidney function test (KFT), thyroid profile, urine routine, fasting & PP blood sugar, HbA1c, vitamin D, vitamin B12, CK-MB*, CK-NAK* and others.

Tread Mill Test – Checks the endurance levels of the heart.

Nitric Oxide Test – Measures the blood circulatory health and the body's ability to produce Nitric oxide, via a saliva indicator strip.

One on One Consultation – With Cardiologist, Nutritionist, Physio & Fitness Expert and Yoga Expert.

Weight Loss With Heart Fitness

Loose weight without losing your mind! We will help you achieve effective fat loss, weight loss and healthy heart that will leave you energized feeling better than ever before. No crash diets, no short cuts, no short term results, we strive for results which will remain with you for life and make you your own nutritionist forever.

More Programs

Lab Investigations


95+ blood test parameters to examine the current heart health status. Different packages available for essential and comprehensive blood test programs.

Blood Test Panel



Liver Function Test (LFT)

Kidney Function Test (KFT)

Lipid Profile

Vitamin D



Cardiac Markers


Thyroid Markers


Urine R/M


Fasting PP & RBS


Vitamin B12


Consultation with Medical Expert

Heart Health After Surgery Or Disease

Recover with proper guidance from our experts. Our Cardiac Rehabilitation is a medically supervised program of exercise and education sessions to help you get back on your feet again. Step by step, day by day, week by week, we will work with you for a healthier you.

Physio For Heart Fitness

We give personalized physical activity regime, along with ergonomics care and stress management. For speedy recovery, our US FDA approved Beam NOW Treatment enhances micro blood circulation for faster pain relief. Treat the pain from the root cause with our Heart Healthy Physio Program.

Yoga For Heart Fitness

We customize our program according to your body type and medical condition, if any, which leads to improved endurance, strength and flexibility. Stress and disease management, along with complete body relaxation is now possible. With 3 different intensity levels, our programs are suitable for people of all age groups.

Diabetic & Heart Fitness Both

65% diabetic patients die of heart disease and stroke. Our team of experts is here to rescue you and help you make the right choices given your lifestyle and condition, overcoming your problem in the long run and making you heart fit. Managing both the metabolic disorders together will be made a lot more effective and easier.

Imbibe Heart Finess In Teenage

NOW, is the perfect age to imbibe heart fitness and understand the importance of keeping your heart fit. We will help you make the right lifestyle choices and educate you about things that are harmful for your heart so you can save yourself from numerous heart related complications for a lifetime.

Informed About Heart Fitness In 20's

Get healthy & heart fit at the same time. Feel and look your age with our Cardiac, Nutrition, Activity advice and Physiotherapy regime. This is the best time to transform your body for a lifetime as now your heart is developed and needs proper maintenance to delay the aging of the heart. Be informed, be heart fit, simple.

Suggested Heart Fitness In 30's

Start taking care of your body before it's too late. This is the age where you can still do high intensity workouts without major risks. We will tell you where you lack. Where you are going good, let's together make life better. Gear up your slow metabolism with our tailor made diet, balance your hormones with yoga and reduce your stress levels with one-on-one physiotherapy sessions.

Guided Heart Fitness In 40's

Want to stay forever young? This program is just for you! We will help you reduce the risk factors and prevent the diseases from creeping in, making you heart fit, improving your quality of life and reducing the risk of heart disease in the future. We screen you quickly and guide you about heart fitness for years to come.

Trained Heart Health In 50's

Make these years count and have relaxing times with your friends and family. You are more prone to heart disease than ever before, because your body is ageing. Let us help you take charge and make the right lifestyle choices that will transform your life for a healthy second innings. Get trained to be heart healthy. It's high time.

Protective Heart Health In 60's

Don't let your age get the better of you! Your golden years have just begun and it's never too late to live a heart healthy life. Prevent heart disease and other chronic diseases from damaging your body. Don't let your body retire due to your heart. Lot of quality years are ahead of you. Let us protect and make your heart stronger.

Assisted Heart Health In 70's

We will help your make small changes that will reap immense benefits. Your body is ageing and a range of disease are bound to get to you with age, but we can guide you overcome the problems associated with heart and thus many other diseases. If you need to be assisted with any heart disease issues, we have the resources.

Empowered Heart Fitness

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in women. We empower the women to be heart healthy, give the mind and body the strength needed to give birth, raise a child, glide through menstrual cycles and menopause. Our goal is to help you stay energetic through all stages of life and POWER THE FAMILY AND NATION.

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