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  • Eat a heart healthy diet (greens, fruits).
  • Keep your blood pressure in check.
  • Don’t be under weight or over weight.
  • Be physically active daily (30 mins. exercise).
  • Avoid drinking & smoking.
  • Keep blood sugar in control.
  • Sleep for 7-8 hrs daily.
  • Keep cholesterol under control.
  • Avoid stress & relax daily.
  • India is the coronary heart disease and diabetes capital of the world.
  • About 33% of India's population suffers from High Blood Pressure and 80% of them develop Heart Disease.
  • People with diabetes are twice more likely to develop heart disease.
  • The most common cause of heart disease is coronary artery disease (CAD), which is a blocked or narrowed artery that supplies the heart with blood.
  • Age is the most significant risk factor of developing heart disease, followed by family history, lack of exercise, high blood pressure, diabetes and high blood cholesterol.
  • Sedentary lifestyle is a major cause of death due to heart disease.
  • Instead of chest pain, heart attacks in women are accompanied with nausea, indigestion and shoulder aches.
  • One-third of first heart attacks are fatal, and another third result in permanent damage to the heart.
  • Smoking makes the risk of a heart attack 200% to 400% greater than that of non-smokers.
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