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‘100+ Heart Fit Recipes’ Book is a self help roadmap for creating quick, nourishing and heart healthy meals from wholesome ingredients. It contains easy to follow steps and important nutritional information that can simplify the essentials of healthy eating. The recipes in the book incorporate the use of over 30 superfoods – from avacados to berries to whole grains. Your meals will now be nutritious and will involve minimal effort. The book aims to inculcate dietary habits that promote living an active, healthy and heart fit life. Let this book guide you through your journey of heart healthy living.

This book contains:

Heart healthy food tips, 15 ways to save nutrients while you cook, healthier cooking techniques, calorie break-up of common foods, F.A.Qs for recipes and heart fit recipes.

The Heart Fit Recipes are for Breakfast, Salads, Soups, Snacks, Lunch & dinner, Rice & roti, International cuisine, Dips & raita and Desserts.

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