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Yoga Book

‘Yoga for Mind & Heart Fitness’ is a step by step guide of Yoga asanas for relaxation, stress management and overall health and wellbeing of the heart and the body.

The Yoga book has 3 intensity levels, which are especially designed keeping in mind the body composition, medical conditions and the age of the users. This Yoga guide has asanas decoded into intensities and positions like standing, sitting and lying, along with breathing exercises.

While using this Yoga book, follow the step wise instructions, understand the benefits and be aware of the precautions while performing the various yoga postures. Experience improved quality of sleep, lower your blood pressure, increase the lung capacity, improve your blood circulation, boost the immunity and reduce your stress by practicing these yoga postures. So now feel better, improve your wellbeing and power your heart for life, with the ‘Yoga for Mind & Heart Fitness’ book.

The book contains:

Introduction, Guidelines, Flexibility exercises, Standing yoga asanas, Sitting yoga asanas, Lying yoga asanas, Breathing exercises, Stress Buster exercises, Office yoga and Yoga for kids.

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